Y.S. Park 80DA1 Straight Styler



  • Lightweight
  • Pure boar bristles
  • Wooden handle

Y.S. Park Daruma Series brushes are designed to offer a strong amount of tension which makes this great for curling and finishing for most hair types. Y.S. Park  “Air Hole” System is a system of small holes made along the center root of the bristles, allowing heated air to circulate through the entire brush, all the way to the bristle roots.  This eliminates the build-up of hair-damaging heat pockets, and it reduces the time spent on blow drying.

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Size: 77x233mm
Weight: 52g
Case Pack: Individual
UPC Code:  YS-BR80DA1
Vendor: Y.S. Park
Origin: Japan


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 4.4 oz
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